Clean Cornwall from the skies


As part of Clean Cornwall week, Henry Orchard has partnered with The Classic Airforce to take to the skies on the lookout for the worst litter spots in Cornwall.

Henry Orchard (l) with pilot Richard Saw
Henry Orchard (l) with pilot Richard Saw

Orchard, marketing manager for Clean Cornwall, said: “It all came from a chance conversation I had with David Paton, CEO for The Classic Airforce about Clean Cornwall and he offered up one of their post war aircraft to litter spot.”

Clean Cornwall week takes place between March 16-24 and will see armies of volunteers working to clear rubbish and litter from their neighbourhoods and surrounding areas.

Paton said: “Since relocating the collection to Cornwall I have been so impressed by just how proud Cornish people are about their county.

“It’s really inspiring and this sense of pride is something that we as an organisation have adopted.

“We are only too glad to be able to help in this way.”

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