Rowe’s joins pasty tax march


Representatives from Rowe’s Cornish Bakers joined the national protest against the so-called ‘pasty tax’ in London today.

(l-r) Olly Lance, Rowe's sales manager; Mr and Miss Pasty from Rowe’s; marketing director Paul Pearce

Hundreds of bakers from all over the country congregated opposite Downing Street to hand in a petition containing over 500,000 signatures in an attempt to get the Government to reconsider its decision on closing the VAT loophole on hot takeaway snacks, including pasties.

If the move goes ahead it will add 20% on to the cost of a Cornish Pasty.

Speaking from the march, which was organised by Greggs the Bakers and the National Association of Master Bakers, Paul Pearce, director of marketing at Rowe’s said: “Cornish Pasties are integral to our regional economy and the prospect of a 20% price increase will undoubtedly have an impact on sales – and ultimately on jobs – in our region in particular.

“We were pleased that the Cornish pasty was granted PGI status last year, which means the provenance of Cornish pasties is protected, but this new ‘pasty tax’ feels like a step backwards at a time when we need food production to continue to grow and keep people in jobs.”