Record numbers flock to Crealy


Crealy Great Adventure Park had its busiest ever day last weekend thanks to a late promotional offer.

The attraction, based near Wadebridge, only advertised details of the surprise deal three days before, giving people entry to the park for just £2 – a near 90% discount.

Cornwall’s Crealy general manager Simon Townsend said: “On Saturday, we had our busiest day since August 2010, but on Sunday we had almost 4,500 admissions, which was our busiest day ever.”

He said Cornwall’s Crealy had been planning the promotional weekend for some time, but had kept it quiet to maintain the element of surprise.

“Part of the beauty of this was that we sprang it on the local community a couple of days before the event and it worked really well. It’s nice to do something which is aimed at the local community, rather than something people feel is aimed solely at visitors, and a lot of the feedback we had from our guests showed that they were really pleased we did it.

“Many people visited who had never been before, because they said it gave them the opportunity to come along and try out the park at a very affordable price and a lot of them said they will now return now they have seen what good value it offers.”