The ‘Ultimate Cornish Pasty Tour’


Parkdean Resorts has created an interactive map of what it considers to be the best Cornish Pasty shops in the UK.

Using data from Trip Advisor and Google Reviews, Parkdean Resorts has found out which Cornish Pasty shops pull in the best customer ratings, with all of the top ten coming from Cornwall.

Parkdean identifies St Ives as being Cornish Pasty capital, with seven shops on the tour, followed by Penzance where four shops make the cut.


  1. Who paid who for this one?

    Lavenders and Lenterns (I know they changed the name) are better in Penzance. No Bray and K’s in Redruth? Come on, pull the other one. Hampson’s in Hayle I can agree on.

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