Keltek launches vegan-friendly ale

Keltek's Natural Magik

The Keltek Brewery in Redruth has announced that it is to launch its additive-free, vegan-friendly real ale – Natural Magik – in bottles.

Originally developed as a food ingredient with no additives, Natural Magik has been used in Tesco ‘Finest’ and Morrisons pies. It is brewed from hand-pitched grains and whole hop flowers, rather than industrial hop oils or processed hop pellets, and does not contain any finings – which can be made from dried fish bladders and are used to clarify the beer.

Keltek’s Andy Hawken said: “Natural Magik is amber in colour, and naturally cloudy. It has been used in cooking and baking for a number of years now, but it tastes great on its own so it makes total sense for us to offer it in bottles.

“The way it’s brewed means that all of the rich, full flavours remain in the beer, rather than being filtered out for purely cosmetic reasons. The only ingredients are malt, hops, yeast and water.”