St Austell Brewery bucks beer trends


St Austell Brewery is smashing its own beer sales records and defying industry trends by reporting a 25% rise in sales of its ales – just days after the British Beer & Pub Association’s (BBPA’s) reported beer sales had slumped more than 8% nationally.

Almost four million pints were brewed and sold by St Austell Brewery up to the end of April 2009 – a clear illustration of the strength of demand across the UK for its award winning Cornish ales.

The brewery’s flagship Tribute Ale is leading the charge – with sales up 33% to April 2009 compared to last year. It means Tribute – now a UK Top 10 premium cask ale – made up more than two-thirds of the draft beer sold by the brewery so far this year.

Other highlights include a 27% increase in sales of bottled beers this year, including a mighty 153% rise in sales of Admiral’s Ale, after it was recently voted the World’s Best Bottled Beer at the International Beer Challenge.

James Staughton, managing director of St Austell Brewery, said: “It is immensely satisfying that these brewing figures are driven entirely by customer demand for our ales right across the UK, with Tribute in particular going from strength to strength as a national brand with a distinctive regional character.

“We’re delighted that beer drinkers up and down the country are choosing to enjoy the true taste of Cornwall and we’re proud to be playing our part in enhancing the reputation of Cornwall as a destination and the home of great food and drink.”