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Go solar and take charge of your energy bills

If your business energy costs are a real source of anxiety, then the time to act is now. While the investment costs of solar might be off-putting at first, there are plenty of reasons why going solar makes sense for your businesses now more than ever before. 

Investment will soon pay for itself
We appreciate that if you are considering a solar PV set up, you may be concerned about the cost, but your annual bill savings will soon add up, with your investment costs potentially covered within the first 3 to 5 years.

Tax incentives
Your solar PV system would be eligible for deductions under the Annual Investment Allowance (AIA). With this support, you can write off 100% of the capital cost of your system under your AIA deductions, reducing the cost of your solar system by 19%.

Commercial solar example:

System cost £72,150
Year 1 Energy Savings £20,012
Payback time 3.6 years
System cost (when using AIA) £58,441 (-19% Corporation tax)   
Payback time (when using AIA) 2.92 Years


Reduced dependence 

Solar panels minimise the environmental impact of your business and reduce your dependence on the national grid (and other non-renewable sources, such as oil and gas). 

Avoid future price shocks
Protect your business from future price shocks by generating your own electricity. Switching to solar, which is relatively low maintenance, will bring significant energy bill savings for the long-term.

Enhanced brand reputation

Shifting to solar allows you to demonstrate your green credentials and boost your brand to give you an advantage over competitors.

Let ESE Create Your Bespoke Solar System 

Enquire with ESE Group to find out what going solar can do for your business. With installation being much more affordable, you can start enjoying bill savings over the lifetime of your solar panels.