Introducing: Here Now Films


Business name: Here Now Films

Office location: Newquay

Business founded: December 2019

Employees: 3

How is the business best described?

Here Now Films is one of Cornwall’s leading video production companies specialising in creative micro documentaries and brand films. Founded by two best friends, Here Now tells stories for companies trying to make the world a better place. Today they produce documentaries for the Likes of BBC World, they’re Tate Cornwall’s ongoing creative partener and are now in their fourth year of delivering FatFaces national campaigns. They produce films for the UK’s favourite names all whilst being based in their seaside studio in Cornwall.

Why was the business founded?

Both Ollie and Ed grew up wanting to be filmmakers but from completely different directions. Ed, a nature nerd who wanted to be the next David Attenborough, and Ollie, a die hard creative and lover of the arts. Today, this mix of science, nature and art is brought to every shoot and has led them to create documentaries for cornwall’s leading charities and brand films for companies making the world a better place.

Play. It’s in Our DNA from Here Now Films on Vimeo.

How does the business compare to competitors in the industry?

We’ve always had the dream of bringing the quality of the UK’s best ads to the charities and brands  that are trying to make the world a better place. Rooted in conservation and activism, we work actively with our clients to create films that truly tell their story in the best possible way.

What are the business’s plans both short-term and long-term?

Short term Here Now Films is looking to find local stories of people, projects and places trying to make the world a better place. This is our why, and it’s the reason we work. Long term, we’re taking our little studio national. We already do the majority of our work in London where we use Cornwall creatives working at London rates. We want to cement this, bridging the gap between Cornwall and London for creatives and filmmakers.

How does the business define success?

Obviously clients’ happiness and the impact of their films is the priority for us! After that, for us success looks like making time for a number of charitable passion projects in Cornwall that give back to nature and the community.