Boost your business’s performance, resilience and long-term growth.

Cornwall is known for its stunning natural beauty, relaxed pace of life, and strong sense of community. However, running a small to medium sized business in Cornwall can present several challenges. While there are opportunities, they may have previously felt more limited compared to urban areas making it challenging for small businesses to secure the support they need to grow and expand.

The University of Exeter Business School is a delivery partner for the government backed and subsidised Help to Grow Management Course which provides time away from the challenges of running a business to learn how to take business to the next level. The 12 week course aimed at senior leaders is designed to fit around existing work commitments and provides access to expert training and guidance on key management skills, including financial management, marketing, and strategic planning. This will help businesses to improve efficiency, develop new products and services, and take advantage of new market opportunities.

Additionally, the course offers 1:2:1 mentoring, providing personalised support and guidance tailored to individual needs. This helps businesses overcome specific challenges, such as difficulties in accessing finance, managing cash flow, or recruiting and retaining staff.

There is also the opportunity to network with other businesses, both locally and nationally, providing Cornish businesses opportunities to share ideas, knowledge, and expertise, helping them to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments.

‘Laura from Truro-based accountancy firm Whyfield said ‘The Help to Grow Scheme has been an invaluable investment to my business, taking time away from the daily business environment to make plans, chat to other business owners and expand my knowledge has bought a revived excitement of growth’.

To find out more visit Help to Grow | University of Exeter Business School