Bakery opens new café


Independent sourdough bakery, Gorse, has opened a café and bakery in the newly developed business space at Lanteague, near Zelah, thanks to growing demand.

Gorse became a hotspot in Newquay when the bakery opened in 2021 on the outskirts of Newquay, where owners Nat and Anna started producing high-quality sourdough for café and restaurant clients around Cornwall.

With a booming wholesale business, consumer demand allowed them to open a weekly counter at the site, where they’d sell a variety of baked goods until sold out.

With a need for a bigger space, Gorse opened their bakery at Lanteague, a community of studios for small businesses on the north Cornish coast, at the beginning of April.

Commenting on the opening, Nat Galliano-Hale, co-owner of Gorse, said: “Since we started Gorse just after lockdown, it’s always been our dream to have a bigger location and invite customers to sit in – thanks to the support of our local community and customers, we’ve now been able to grow as a business to get to this milestone, as well as creating six local jobs.”