Kraken Marketing wants you to say no to vanilla!

Kraken Marketing is a ‘badass’ marketing agency in Cornwall which specialises in working with tech companies. It uses Agile methodologies and data-driven marketing to help businesses level up. 

Kraken Marketing knows if you want to grow your business, you need to be brave.

You need to really trust the power of your brand and stand up for what you believe in. 

“We know that being brave is hard, and being brave with your brand is even harder. 

But the dirty truth is you need to be brave with your brand if you want to grow. 

Consumers are bored with ordinary. They want to see your authentic personality, and there is a way to do this strategically. That is why we want you to say no to vanilla!
We can help you define your brand identity, working out who you really are and why your customers need you.“

Lyssa-Fee Crump, Founder of Kraken Marketing 

Kraken Marketing can help you with social media, content marketing, SEO, CRO, digital marketing, and other awesome communication techniques. They can be your only marketing resource, coach your existing badass marketers, or can supplement your existing team.

Lyssa went on to say: 

“Our new Bitesize Badassery service is proving popular with brands who aren’t looking to outsource their marketing but want to run their ideas past an expert. For an hour, via video call, you get our undivided attention. You can spend this hour discussing anything and everything about your marketing, and get insight and advice from us. 

Sometimes you need a fresh set of eyes on your strategy to potential areas for improvement”

If you are ready to take a data-driven approach to your marketing and level up your business, get in touch.





“Kraken Marketing has helped us really refine our marketing strategy and take us to the next level. We particularly value their SEO knowledge and how well they have seamlessly integrated with our existing team, making this partnership a success.”

Matt Ville 

hiyield LTD

“When I saw Lyssa had launched Kraken Marketing, I knew I needed her on my team. She has joined me on complex communications project around AI and healthcare and immediately added value – supporting with procuring a new website, boosting social media reach and engagement, delivering impressive evaluation reports and overall, helping me to stay sane and manage the workload on a key client account.

Lyssa shares my love of all things Agile and geeky. She perfectly combines professionalism with personability and is a joy to work with.”

Rachel Picken

The Agile PR