Business Name: Hedgehog Digital

Office location: Canon’s Town, Hayle

When was the business founded: 2009

How many employees: 12 employees throughout offices in Cornwall, Brazil and Bedford

Business Cornwall: How is the business best described?

We’re a digital marketing agency focused on helping people to generate business online through the power of search. Search engine optimisation is Hedgehog’s speciality and we use our wealth of experience in this area to help our clients thrive in the search engines to increase their conversions and sales online. 

For us, our work in SEO and digital marketing isn’t just about getting the most visitors to a client’s website. We want to make sure that our clients attract the right kind of visitors, those that are relevant, engaged and ready to commit.

We do this through a reactive style of digital marketing based on an understanding of search intent and a desire to solve the problems of our clients’ potential customers. We know that there are people out there looking for the products and services our clients provide because they’re entering related queries into the search engines. 

It’s Hedgehog’s job to make sure that we position our clients’ digital content in front of those potential customers at the exact moment that they are searching. We achieve this through strong SEO strategies, creative content marketing and engaging website design.  

Business Cornwall: Why was the business founded?

When Hedgehog Digital was founded in 2009 it was in response to the recognition that people were increasingly turning to the internet to find products and services. 

Over the 11 years Hedgehog has been working in digital marketing, the online landscape has changed dramatically and continues to do so. But what hasn’t changed is our determination to help forward-thinking businesses thrive online.

Our mission is to provide a service that connects businesses with their customers in a targeted, frictionless way. We’re conscientious and commercially minded in our approach and understand that SEO is the medium, not the solution to driving business online. 

Business Cornwall: How does the business compare to competitors in the industry?

One of the key areas where we differ as a business is our willingness to share our knowledge and processes with our clients and peers. We’re experts in search and regularly attend events across the world where we share our knowledge and understanding of SEO to our industry peers. 

We know that SEO has a reputation for being a bit of a dark art full of secret hacks, but we’re working to demystify SEO for people outside of the search industry. We believe that by explaining to our clients how and why we follow certain processes or create certain systems, they see exactly what they’re investing in when they enlist our help and are able to truly see the value of SEO. 

Our approach to work is entirely client-focused. Through thorough audits and analysis, we get a detailed understanding of our clients’ current situation, their objectives and their goals. We use this understanding to create a tailored search strategy that will help them achieve their desired outcomes. 

When we devise strategies for our clients, we don’t focus on vanity metrics like traffic and rankings, we keep our clients’ goals front of mind and measure our work against those. Our work uses search to help our clients achieve their business goals, whether that’s by generating enquiries, revenue or any other measure of success. 

Business Cornwall: What are the business’s plans both short-term and long-term?

Our ongoing goal is always to help our clients to grow their businesses online and, in turn, that means we will grow as a business in the long-term. To help us continue to achieve the best possible results for our clients in both the short-term and long-term, we’re developing new services that will increase the value we can provide to our clients. 

One of these new developments is the Organic Growth Forecast tool available on our website which helps to predict what results a client or prospective client could achieve with an investment in SEO services based on their current scenario. 

We plan to continue developing these types of tools and additional services to better help our clients to achieve their goals and generate even more business online.

Business Cornwall: How does the business define success?

Success for Hedgehog is delivering on our commitments to our clients, which means ensuring the work we do for our clients is achieved on time and on budget and ultimately helps them to grow and prosper.