Raising finance through Capitalise

With economic and transformational digital changes, many businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to secure finance through traditional borrowing methods, says Bishop Fleming senior restructuring manager Luke Venner

Luke Venner


At Bishop Fleming, a UK Top 30 Chartered Accountancy and Advisory firm, we have recently partnered with Capitalise, a business funding platform, to help plug this finance gap by providing access to over 100 different lenders. We have direct access to the wider funding market, helping them to source and secure the best lenders and the best rates for our clients.

Typically, 80% of businesses only apply to one lender to raise finance, resulting in them missing out on alternative funding products, which are often cheaper and better suited to their business.

Bishop Fleming’s specialist Capitalise team can assist in several different situations depending on the needs of the business, including funding to resolve a specific situation such as a short-term cash flow problem, to working capital or business growth.

Why Use Capitalise?

Capitalise is an interactive, accessible and proven platform that focuses the search on securing the right kind of funding for you and your business.

The flexibility of the platform allows Bishop Fleming to work together with you to appraise the options available, increasing the likelihood of receiving the right finance to grow your business and achieve your ambitions.

Capitalise provides existing relationships with lenders, with all the legal and admin work done. Our team at Bishop Fleming carry out the heavy lifting for you, making it easier to obtain funding.

We have a wealth of knowledge around when, and why, lenders say yes to a funding request and we understand what needs to be done to source the ideal funding. As professional advisers with specialisms covering Restructuring, Corporate Finance and Corporate and Business Services, we are well placed to provide the wider advice that businesses need.

Bishop Fleming’s Capitalise team will support you through all stages of the funding process. Contact Luke Venner, Senior Restructuring Manager on 01872 275651 or at LVenner@bishopfleming.co.uk for more information.