Introducing Family Business Connect



In-depth knowledge and experience has enabled PKF Francis Clark to take its support for family businesses to another unprecedented level and develop a bespoke service that will help family and owner managed businesses to grow and prosper, preserve and enhance their family’s wealth and future-proof their business for following generations.

Family Business Connect is a new 360° degree business review service designed to assist family businesses access understanding, support and guidance across every area they face. The Family Business Connect House has been designed to help explore business needs, options and solutions by providing seven ‘rooms’ each examining all key elements and enriched with layers of guidance and support.

Family business leaders can navigate the rooms of the house alongside their dedicated adviser according to their individual or business goals.  Within each room are a further three levels of depth providing innovative ideas and insight that will reflect each business’ pace and priorities.

An assessment matrix helps assess their current position in each area of the House.  The matrix is used as a structure to begin focusing on and identifying areas of the business with a view to improving the wealth of the family overall.

The rooms include: Family Wealth Preservation; Increasing Business Value; Succession; Incentivising Key Staff; Remunerating Family; Barriers to Growth; and Risks to the Business including family dispute resolution.

A journey through the Family Business Connect House with a dedicated and highly experienced adviser will safeguard your position and help you to identify opportunities that add real value to your family and your business.

We help family businesses plan ahead, generate bespoke solutions and create a culture where these solutions are openly reviewed on a regular basis to maintain a successful and prosperous future. Get in touch with one of our Family Business advisers at PKF Francis Clark and arrange your initial Family Business Connect Review.