When I think of the Insignia I can’t help but think, fleet car – from this, much can be deduced. When buying a company / fleet car naturally the decision is more of a business one than a personal one, therefore the Insignia must make a good business proposition because of its popularity in the sector. So what is it that businesses find appealing about the Insignia?

Firstly, Vauxhall is experienced in this sector, going back to the 80’s (and probably before) the Cavalier was a firm favourite as a company car, as was the Vectra that replaced it in the 90’s, and now the Insignia.

Plainly, in my opinion, although I hate the phrase, it ticks a lot of boxes – it’s comfortable, trusty, spacious, laps up miles effortlessly, and then importantly, it’s cheap and cost effective (and so is its servicing). With my time spent in the new Insignia it is clear that it still fulfils those business requirements. It’s relaxing and comfortable to drive with a user-friendly cabin layout – and you feel as though a lot of effort has gone into facilitating this – for example there is a choice of seat which can be adjusted in up to 18 different ways to optimise comfort for everyone along with ample storage to cater for hours on the road. Vauxhall quotes in its brochure that it is ‘made to make your life easy’ which does sum this car up perfectly.

One of the reasons the Insignia (and its predecessors) hasn’t, relatively speaking, been as popular as a personal car is because it wasn’t particularly exciting, despite being competent, meaning that it wasn’t easy to full in love with – an emotional element that isn’t as prevalent when making a commercial decision.

However, the new Insignia is more exciting and dynamic than ever – more chiselled and athletic than before and it offers a calm confidence and greater character – so perhaps this is the beginning of a turning point whereby the Insignia is not only a good fleet car but also a personal one you can love… I can’t see any reason why not and I’m sure this is being noticed as I’ve seen more surfboards and kayak’s strapped to the roof of a Vauxhall executive than ever before! You could certainly be proud of this Vauxhall.

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