Discovering your performance ‘Sweet Spot’

L-R: Kevin Miller, director at Tamar HR, Kathy Kolbe founder of Kolbe Corp, and Sam Davey, recruitment advisor at Tamar HR

Tamar HR talks about discovering your performance ‘Sweet Spot’

Think about those days where you are just ‘in the zone’ in terms of your own performance?  Those times where you just deliver great results because you trusted your own striving instinct when approaching a challenge or overcoming a problem?

Now imagine replicating this feeling across a whole team or business full of people.

As people, we all have different striving instincts, the problem is, we don’t fully understand how to utilise them.  Striving instincts reflect our need for things like:

  • Data and information;
  • Structure, process and systems in the way we work;
  • how we approach risk, uncertainty and opportunity; and
  • how we deal with physical space/tangibles.

For years, employers have overlooked this crucial dimension of the mind when they recruit, design jobs, and develop teams.  Most profiling tools view performance through the lens of cognitive/knowledge factors, or personality traits.  They overlook the importance of the ‘conative’ or ‘doing’ part of the mind.  What often results is the frustration of working in dysfunctional teams, poor performance, lower productivity and reduced profit.

Following a three-day intensive course in Arizona, USA, Tamar HR is now certified to deliver Kolbe training which is the leading assessment for measuring the “Doing” part of the mind.

With Kolbe, the focus is about understanding a person’s “intrinsic knack for how they get things done”. Once we understand this, we can truly leverage our individual ‘mode of operating’ which provides for greater individual and team success.   Kathy Kolbe defines true success as ‘the freedom to be yourself’.  We believe passionately that all individuals and teams can create sustained success in this way by leveraging the freedom to work according to their striving instincts.

Tamar HR has developed some exciting new products which use the Kolbe profiling system to do just that, alleviating the pain that can be caused by dysfunctional teams, and poor performance.

How would Kolbe help my business?

  • Take the randomness out of your recruiting decisions. Kolbe will provide a comprehensive ‘x-ray’ of your new recruit so that you understand their striving instincts and can play to their natural strengths;
  • Adopt a leading edge approach to individualised coaching, by enabling each individual to truly leverage his or her mode of operating;
  • Create amazing team synergy, by understanding the different modes of operation for each individual team member.


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