Inside the March issue


In the March issue of Business Cornwall magazine we talk to Douglas Webb, chief executive of not-for-profit company, Cornwall Care.


Employing some 1,400 people with an annual turnover in the region of £26 million, Cornwall Care is one of the Duchy’s largest businesses.

Webb discusses the challenges facing the care sector, his plans for the future of the company and why the ‘age issue’ is something people just don’t like to talk about.

We also take a look at the local commercial property sector, and discover that after many years in the doldrums, prospects are looking decidedly brighter.

Meanwhile, ever considered going in for the Cornwall Business Awards but perhaps been a bit unsure how to best go about it? Well, inside the latest issue we have some top tips and hints to help make entering easier than ever before.

And talking of events, in the latest issue of the magazine we have some advice for businesses looking to hold their own, with our annual look at Cornwall’s events and conferences sector.

Columnist Jess Collins introduces us to visual effects company Engine House, while Mark Naylor, from the St Austell Printing Company, has the Last Word.

Business Cornwall magazine will be dropping through letterboxes in the first week of March. Alternatively, the iPad version is available now from the iTunes Store.

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