NFFO seeks storm support


A National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations (NFFO) delegation is scheduled to meet Fisheries Minister, George Eustice, tomorrow (February 27) to discuss an aid package for the fishing industry, which was badly affected in the recent storms.

“We have been talking to officials about the possible shape of a rescue package,” said Paul Trebilcock, chairman of the NFFO, and also chief executive of the Cornish Fish Producers Organisation.

“Now we are meeting with George Eustice to hear what level of political support there is for a realistic and rapid support package.

“What is needed is immediate short-term support to put fishing businesses back on their feet. We are not looking for long-term subsidies, but we do believe that Government has a responsibility to underpin a return to profitability in these exceptional circumstances. There should also be parity with the treatment afforded to the farming industry.”