Editor’s blog: Missing the point


It can be quite good fun in the weeks running up to the General Election, as parties jockey for our affections and pour scorn on their political enemies.

My favourite story this week has to be the Tories’ mistaken claims that more than half of girls from the country’s most deprived areas get pregnant before they turn 18.

“A decimal point was left out in a calculation,” conceded a rather red-faced Conservative Party spokesman.

Gleeful Labour and Lib Dem politicians naturally seized on the embarrassment, trotting out that favourite old put down of being “out of touch”. And admittedly, there is some difference between 54% and 5.4%.

My second favourite story of the past seven days concerned Sky News’ Top 10 list of the UK’s Most Fanciable MPs!

Like it or not, when it comes to getting elected, public image counts for a lot. Cynics claim it is Gordon Brown’s greatest problem, and David Cameron’s greatest asset.

And if looks do count for anything, there’s another reason to back the Tories in the coming Election, with no less than six MPs in the Top 10. Labour is clearly going to have to concentrate on policy, being the least fanciable party, with only two MPs making the grade.

Lib Dems can be confident of standing behind a smile, however, boasting Britain’s Most Fanciable MP – Lynne Featherstone – with our own Julia Goldsworthy, in a worthy fifth place.