Editor’s blog: Darling bucks til May


Not too much to get excited about in this week’s Budget Statement. Budget’s are never the most exciting things at the best of times, and with a General Election just around the corner, the 2010 Budget was never going to pull up too many trees.

But as long as you don’t talk to politicians from other parties, the general consensus is that it wasn’t too bad for business, while the change in stamp duty for first time buyers was also welcomed.

The greatest uproar appears to be over the Chancellor’s decision to hike tax on cider by 10% above inflation. Created within minutes of the announcement, a Facebook group was formed – Leave Our Cider Alone – and attracted in excess of 13,000 members in less than 24 hours. It currently stands at over 31,000, and counting. The power of social media for you!

Not being a cider drinker myself, I reserved my ire for Darling’s 3p fuel duty rise. The fact that it is staging the rises between April and January, sorry, but big bloody deal.

The price of fuel is simply becoming ridiculous, and it hits rural communities and rural businesses hardest.

Petrol and diesel in rural areas should be cheaper. It’s about time we were given a break.