Online shopping sickies


A national survey on online shopping habits has revealed that over three per cent of shoppers in the south west have taken ‘sick days’ from work in order to wait in for a delivery, potentially costing the local economy and employers up to £9 million.

The survey, commissioned by Shutl, raises questions over the UK’s current methods of delivery and has prompted the company to call for businesses and consumers to embrace new approaches to receiving products purchased online.

The findings, which also revealed that almost half (49%) of shoppers in the south west are planning to carry out the majority of their Christmas shopping online this year, suggests that employers could face more ‘Christmas sickies’ than usual as the UK approaches the festive party season.

The survey also revealed how:The South West is the most likely of UK regions to regard shopping for presents as a ‘necessary evil’, topping the table with 54%

  • 34% of shoppers in the South West of England expect to do their Christmas shopping online more this year than last year, second only to the North East of England (36%)
  • Almost a quarter of shoppers (24%) claim that their workplace is not happy for them to receive deliveries at work, a finding which could be driving dishonest work absence