As part of its commitment to sustainability and reducing its carbon footprint, Cornwall law firm Stephens Scown LLP has introduced electric vehicle (EV) charging points at its Truro office.

The firm now has four EV charging points at its Truro office site, which can be used by visiting clients for free, as well as by employees at the firm. A Government-backed OLEV grant of £1k went towards the installation, which was carried out by EV Charging Cornwall.

The new charge points support Stephens Scown’s Giving Back programme and efforts to reduce its carbon footprint. The firm has also installed EV charging points at its Exeter office.

Verity Slater, Giving Back partner at Stephens Scown – who owns an electric vehicle herself – has welcomed the new charging points as a step towards a more sustainable way of driving.

“We all need to move towards a more environmentally-friendly way of driving, and Stephens Scown is preparing for the future well ahead of time. Making the charging points available for colleagues and clients is our way of helping people with EVs, or those who are considering getting one soon.”

Stephens Scown’s energy team has also worked with a number of companies across the south west to provide advice on implementing EV charging points and expects more of this type of work as the fossil fuel vehicle deadline approaches.