New gin has the market Rattled!


The company behind one of Cornwall’s most popular drinks brands has produced its own take on traditional gin.

Healeys, which is best known for its iconic Rattler Cyder, has now created Rattler Gin.

Made completely from scratch at Healeys Cyder Farm, using the same apples that make Rattler – Rattler Gin is “a refreshing take on traditional gin and a pink gin, infused with raspberries for a fruity twist”.

With the apples pressed, fermented and distilled twice onsite, the spirit is blended with seven botanicals (juniper, coriander, lemon, orange, iris, angelica and mace).

Commercial director, Jo Healey, said: True to our roots this isn’t just another gin. We have Cornwall’s oldest distillery onsite and have won multiple awards for our brandy and whiskies, so we were confident we could create something special.

“We saw an opportunity to inject some fun into the gin market and Rattler is the brand to do this, while ensuring the exceptional quality and craftmanship for which we are renowned.”

Although this is Healeys’ first gin, it is no stranger to producing spirits and 2020 marks two decades of distilling at the farm; the anniversary of its first brandy. The farm has also been responsible in creating England’s oldest whiskey.

The Rattler spirits range will be growing throughout the year, with the launch of Rattler Rum due at Easter.