Tribunal success for law firm

Terry Falcao

A local law firm has secured compensation amounting to almost £100k for four clients in a series of successful employment tribunal cases.

The cases won by Stephens Scown ranged from age and disability discrimination to sexual harassment, victimisation and constructive unfair dismissal.

“It takes an enormous amount of courage to bring a claim against your employer,” said Terry Falcao, head of the employment team at Stephens Scown and the advocate for all of the claims.

“The individual circumstances of each of these cases was very different, but they all share a common factor; the imbalance of power between the employees and their employers.”

A claim for age and disability discrimination and constructive unfair dismissal resulted in compensation of £35k. A client whose case involved sexual harassment received £31k. Another case involving sexual harassment and victimisation resulted in compensation of £12k for injury to feelings. The fourth claim related to constructive unfair dismissal arising from a flawed transfer from one company to another in a take-over and resulted in £17.5k compensation for Stephens Scown’s client.

Stephens Scown also acts for employers and Falcao advised: “In almost all cases, tribunal claims are avoidable with good policies and procedures and sound managerial knowledge. Since employment tribunal fees were removed last year claims have increased and we have won a series of cases for unfair dismissal, discrimination and whistleblowing.

“Employers are advised to review their policies, ensure their management training is up to date and take advice early if any issues arise.”