Spring into Action


Spring is a new website developed by the University of Exeter Medical School, based in Truro.


Spring wants to find out the best way to support and work with businesses, as part of that, it will connect you to like-minded Cornish companies and help your performance with easy-to-use, tailored and time-saving advice on:

  • Employing and managing people
  • Boosting output and reducing absenteeism with a healthier workforce
  • Health & safety
  • Green business, and helping your company be a part of where it’s based.

For access to Spring for three months, the European Centre will ask for your feedback, so it can learn about what businesses want. This means completing a quick questionnaire. Please then use the site – on any kind of device – as often as you like while it’s open.

If you run a business and employ 5-50 staff, then Spring is for you.

Spring is run by the European Centre for the Environment and Human Health (ECEHH), part of the University of Exeter Medical School.

To help your business and support Spring please click here



None of the questions are on sensitive topics, and your participation is voluntary. All the data is made anonymous and we only use it for the study and to develop resources for businesses.