Latest eco town proposals


The joint venture between Orascom Development and Imerys today announced its intention to commence detailed planning on its eco town developments at the West Carclaze/Baal site in the Mid Cornwall China Clay area. This first phase of development will begin with a pilot project to demonstrate the concepts of eco town living.

This announcement follows the recent success of the joint venture in being selected by Government as one of only four schemes nationally, and the only private sector promoted scheme, to be awarded the ‘eco town’ accolade.

The detailed planning approach is being developed in conjunction with a bid by Cornwall Council for central Government funds to assist with the “kick start” of the eco town developments. This is aimed at showing in practical terms what the eco town can deliver within the development sites and wider community, including the use of surrounding land for community benefits and also facilitating the required upfront infrastructure.

As part of this process, the joint venture will continue to be engaged in an on-going dialogue with the local communities and the relevant local and regional authorities and regulatory stakeholders. This engagement will continue with a communications event to be held in the Keay Theatre, John Keay House at 6:30pm on November 18.

The joint venture has also invited The Eden Project Ltd to join the organisation with a symbolic participation to capitalise on their sustainable development expertise.

It is expected that the pilot scheme at West Carclaze/Baal will showcase innovative approaches to the delivery of housing and employment space as the first step in delivering a wider phase 1 of development in line with the Eco-town scheme requirements.

As part of the overall Eco town scheme the joint venture has also commenced discussions with Cornwall Council and other key stakeholders regarding the development plans for Par Docks.

Samih Sawiris CEO of Orascom Developments Holding said “This is an exciting moment for us as it is the first opportunity to illustrate how we intend to implement our planning and development processes whilst engaging with the local community in mid Cornwall. It is also an ideal opportunity to deliver something real for people to visit and comment on before we enter the more detailed stages of the design programme.”


  1. Mr Eyriey, I have just read your latest bit on eco town proposals. Please can you explain Edens symbolic participation to capitalise on their sustainable expertise.
    The Eden Project was built in an old clay pit, which is continuously flling with water. This means Eden are using electricity to run pumps to pump out this water, they are also using electricity to heat the biomes. Then you have the thousands of people that are attracted to Eden by car which throughs carbon into the air. Eden is not good for the enviroment, its just another way to make money.

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