New holiday trend identified


A growing number of homeowners in Cornwall are renting out their properties to holidaymakers to make extra income from the summer season, a leading local holiday company is reporting.

Perranporth-based Duchy Holidays has spotted a trend towards short-term rentals as more local home owners cash in on Cornwall’s position as the UK’s #1 holiday destination.

The holiday company this year added a number of new properties to its books which are only available for very short seasons, ranging from just four weeks to ten weeks.

Duchy Holidays says this is a new phenomenon that has emerged in recent years and is at odds with the normal holiday cottage rental period of at least 32 weeks.

Chelsea Johnson from Duchy Holidays said: “Traditionally, holiday cottages are second homes or investment properties available to rent throughout the year. But now almost 10% of our portfolio is made up of properties whose owners have decided to move out for the summer to supplement their income.

“These summer season nomads are choosing to let their homes, while they stay somewhere cheaper or go travelling. Some of our owners are camping nearby in Cornwall, while others have gone to France for the whole summer. The extra income has given them some freedom to enjoy a family adventure.

“Short term holiday rental is a trend we expect to continue, so I’d put money on more short season properties being on the books by next year.”