Report dampens holiday hopes


According to a report from South West Tourism, the upcoming holiday season is unlikely to be as promising as many had hoped.

The Cornish tourist industry is optimistic that the cumulative effects of the recession, the week pound and hoped-for good weather will lead to a bumper season in the Duchy. But South West Tourism has said the omens are not so good and urges against complacency.

According to South West Tourism, the first three months of 2009 were worse than 2008. And it fears that visitor numbers over the year in Cornwall and Devon could be down by up to 8% and spending down 20%.

Chief executive Malcolm Bell said: “Thoughts of a bumper year and everything being full up isn’t likely to happen.

“My message is hope for the best, but put your plans in place in case the euro weakens and the pound strengthens and we get a lot more people going abroad. What we don’t want to be is complacent.”