Last day for Air Southwest


Today (Friday September 30) marks the last day of flying for Air Southwest.

Eastern Airways, which acquired Air Southwest last year, announced in the summer that it was calling time on the regional airline, as it was no longer “financially viable”.

Air Southwest had flown out of Newquay for the past eight years and Al Titterington, the airport’s MD, said: “It is a sad day for air services to/from Cornwall with the closure of Air Southwest.

“We would like to thank passengers that have supported the airline through the last few years and assure them that we are actively seeking new and existing airline partners to operate both those services operated by Air Southwest but also new opportunities connecting the region to the rest of the UK and Europe.”

But while one door closes, another opens and Titterington said it presented the airport with new opportunities to diversify the number of airlines it can attract.

He explained: “Air Southwest dominated our domestic route network meaning other carriers were restricted with the services they could offer and the demand for air services that would make them profitable out of Newquay.

“Since the announcement of the closure of the airline in mid July, we have been in discussion with a number of airlines and already have announced replacement services to Manchester (Flybe) and Glasgow (Loganair) and hope to announce new destinations in the coming months for Summer 2012.’”


  1. As someone who’s partner has lost his job because of ASW’s demise, I do not appreciate Al Titterington’s comments.Titterington may well say that ASW ‘dominated’ the routes, but they were a Southwest carrier, based IN the southwest. The other carriers, like Flybe (based in Exeter), which will fill the gaps, will not offer customers the same level of care that ASW did.

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