Say hello to The Laughing Octopus


A new sustainable clothing brand has been launched in Cornwall.

The pandemic might not be seen as the ideal time to start a new business, but Rebecca Kandola, co-founder at Newquay-based The Laughing Octopus, has been undaunted.

“We wanted to start a clothing brand which offers a sense of fun and community and highlights that we’re all in it together,” she explained.

“I know how hard it’s been, I’ve been shielding in a flat with a three -year- old! I had some time and needed something to channel my energy in to. From speaking with friends and family, I realised everyone was struggling to keep all their plates spinning. I think now is the time to recognise that no one has it all worked out but with support from each other, we’re getting by.

“If something good can come out of Covid, I hope it’s that the sense of community and support which we saw back in March continues in some way. We need to look out for one another and take the pressure off ourselves. I hope we can empower people to see the positives in life, be themselves and not try to live up to anyone else’s standards, and to have a little laugh at life along the way.”

Kandola says a key principle for the company is to be completely sustainable. Only 100% cotton is used in its clothing range, made on a farm which does not use toxic fertilisers or pesticides. All packaging is also produced from natural materials.