Worry not, Christmas 2020 is not going to be cancelled – that’s not the way families work! – but it’s fair to say it might need a bit more of the showstopper effect this year. Lynher Dairies, makers of the delicious Cornish cheeses Yarg and Kern, know a thing or two about edible centrepieces. Here are their tips on how to create a festive grazing platter.

Grazing platters, or sharing plates, not only look wonderful but have the ability to draw everyone together for the most casual of celebratory meals. They can be shared anywhere, from in front of a roaring fire to the great outdoors. And thanks to Lynher Dairies’ online shop, you can send their stunning cheeses to any address in the UK to enjoy the feast with family and friends over Zoom or Skype. Virtual grazing, and why not?

Find your largest boards or serving plate. Start with showcasing one or two of Lynher’s ‘baby’ Yargs  – 900g of leaf-wrapped loveliness. The green and white rind of a nettle wrapped Cornish Yarg looks like a snow-capped fir tree, and the verdant ribbons of the Wild Garlic Yarg suggests an enticing gift, waiting to be opened. Very festive! The nettle Yarg hints of lemon and mushroom, with the Wild Garlic whispering rather than shouting its name. Both hand-made semi hard cheeses are award winners at international level.

Don’t forget to include a handsome chunk of World Champion Cornish Kern on your platter. Buttery with caramel and nutty flavours, it is fabulously complex in taste. Its black waxed rind sets off the other colours of the board beautifully.

Next, arrange a moreish selection of walnuts, dried figs, apricots and crackers. Try the specially created delicious Yarg biscuits made by Belle and Wilde, available from the Lynher Dairies online shop. A little pot of honey to drizzle over the cheese is a winning addition too.

Order Cornish Yarg and Cornish Kern online at and the dairy will send your selection to an address anywhere in the UK on a date of your choice. A wonderful way to share a delicious meal with family and friends, even if you are miles apart.