Making an ethical choice


A Cornwall-based ethical online marketplace has issued a challenge for Christmas.

Choose Conscious, which launched earlier this year, is urging its customers to avoid the big sellers when it comes to Christmas shopping this year, opting instead for smaller independent businesses who “take their environmental impact into consideration and use their business for good”. 

Choose Conscious creator, Rebecca Wilton, says she hopes the initiative change people’s habits how they shop through the year.

“Choosing small businesses who not only ensure their products, packaging and general environmental impact are sustainable and eco-friendly but also that their business operates in an ethical manner, gives consumers the opportunity to shop responsibly,” she said.

“Rather than doing your shopping at a large online corporation that only cares about the environment superficially, shop with a smaller business that has built their business model on protecting the world in which we live, rather than exploiting it or the people on it. Doing this means you can shop in a way that means something to all involved.

“When carrying out the challenge, remember that small independent retailers aren’t just on the high street. Many independent businesses operate online as it’s cheaper than renting or owning a storefront. It’s therefore worth doing some digging to find online retailers that share the same values as you do.”