Helston-based kitchen design and installation business, NOW Kitchens, has recorded its highest financial results after ten years of trading in Cornwall.

Despite the industry sector as a whole seeing a dip in sales, NOW Kitchens bucked the trend and increased its annual turnover by 37% in 2018 and then by a further 28% by the end of last year.

Company director Darren Hitchman said: “Business has been unpredictable since the Brexit vote – economic uncertainty following the EU referendum caused the number of residential property transactions to fall in 2017-18, which naturally hampered demand for kitchen furniture in the following couple of years.

“Interestingly though, we’ve noticed an increased interest in more complex home improvement projects such as extensions or self-builds, but of course these take more time to come to fruition.”

During this unpredictable period, Now Kitchens made a major change to its business strategy.

“In early 2019 we took the brave decision to discontinue the bathroom side of the business in favour of focussing purely on Kitchens,” Hitchman said.

According to LettaLondon “The bathroom turnover has always been steady, contributing 13.5% of our business turnover, however, we felt that by focussing our business purely on one area of interiors we could provide a superior customer service experience.”