BID to root out the weeds


Weekly weeding by a local gardening business on the streets of St Ives has commenced thanks to the recent commitment from the St Ives Business Improvement District (BID).

The BID, which has invested in the local flora and fauna in St Ives as part of its £10k project to improve the appearance of the town, will now add the weeding to its commitments with a summer and winter planting scheme in place.

With various businesses voicing their concerns about the appearance of various streets in the seaside town, the BID has committed funding to continue weeding in various parts of the town all year round as part their business plan.

Carl Lamb, St Ives BID manager, said: “Since taking over the weeding in the town, we have cleared a various locations and have a list of areas that we will continue to tackle.

“We are really happy to see regular weeding now taking place in St Ives and we are committed to improving the appearance of the town to make St Ives look as beautiful as it can for our visitors and residents.”

The BID currently employs local gardeners Gary Cook and John Williams, who run local gardening business St Ives Blooms, who will now work in the town once a week weeding various streets including The Terrace, Albert Place, Virgin Street as well as maintaining the various hanging baskets and planters in the town.