UKNetWeb saves the Dodo


Dodo Pad’s website has been relaunched to deliver a faster and more reliable customer experience with the help of technical web development company, UKNetWeb.

Following a rebuild earlier in the year, the website had been suffering performance issues which were threatening to derail the diary and calendar company’s online sales in the run up to Christmas.

UKNetWeb was brought in to assume hosting of the site and quickly migrated it over to the latest cluster/cloud hosting environment, with the result it is now functioning twice as quickly as before.

Dodo Pad MD Rebecca Jay said that while she had been pleased with the how the previous site looked, its performance had left a lot to be desired.

“UKNetWeb has resolved the problem quickly and very efficiently,” she said. “We now have a site that ‘works’ – which is what we needed all along.

“I cannot praise UKNetWeb enough for their attention to detail and ‘can do’ attitude in resolving our problem.”

UKNetWeb MD Toby Parkins added: “The roll out of superfast broadband across Cornwall, the UK and the rest of the world, combined with increasing mobile device usage, is expected to put websites to the test.

“Only the well built, optimised and technically superior sites will survive and is one of the most important factors now in how businesses should redevelop websites.”



  1. wow, that’s a massive improvement, great to hear real success stories like this. In particular for Google, better performing websites are favoured – Well done UKNetWeb

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