Everest Media is a virtually all-encompassing digital agency that has grown from a husband and wife team of two to 17 in the space of just a few years.

This is off the back of its ‘partner’ ethos and now a strong team that aim to
deliver a strategy that achieves digital success for its clients.

The story of how the business started is an interesting and courageous one and goes to
show that maybe there is never ‘a right time’ to start a business and that sometimes you
just have to take a shot at it, whatever the circumstance.

Samuele and Allanah Armondi valiantly started the business in 2014 from their spare bedroom, which at the time was based in the North West, with no capital to invest and a two-year-old child – but regardless, decided to go for it.

When Business Cornwall met with Everest Media, Samuele Armondi reminisced about
buying their first office chair off eBay for £35 along with an Ikea desk. But armed with
Allanah’s background in content management together with Samuele’s technical one, the
business had the basis to get going and start delivering for clients.

Then, in 2015, just as the business started to grow, it was relocated to Cornwall. Setting the scene Samuele described how, as a family, they had been holidaying in Cornwall and that one particular evening they were sat at Porthminster Kitchen, St Ives, on the balcony, gazing out over the harbour as the sun went down – Allanah commented, ‘we should live here’, and no less than eight weeks later they had sold their house and moved to Cornwall.

Everest Media has now evolved to be a full service digital agency which describes itself as
being a digital success partner, with the aim of helping businesses achieve digital success, in whatever guise that might be.

Services include; strategy delivery, technical development, web development, search engine optimization (SEO) and conversion rate optimization (CRO), amongst others. And don’t let this make you think they’re spreading themselves too thinly – Everest Media has a team of 17 (and growing) who are split into dedicated teams of expertise from a high caliber of people. For example, its head of technical practice previously worked on cyber security within the government whilst head of digital practice came from a senior position within a large digital marketing agency – both of whom therefore having their distinct skills and experience. Rarely do you find the strength and depth of this level across such a broad service offering.

Samuele, added: “Everest now has the armoury to tackle each of the specialist digital areas in a convenient, one-stop-shop format that makes it easier for our clients to keep track of.

Much easier than managing multiple agencies and typically there will be lower costs as a result of fewer margins.”

The Digital Success Partner ethos is something that says a lot about this business. It depicts a shared journey and a more personal investment in its clients. One that aspires not just to do what it’s asked of but to face challenges and generate ideas in a flexible way that will forge success. Something which consequently lends itself to long term success for both Everest Media and its clients alike.

Based in Pool Innovation Centre, its offices are indicative of a business which has attention
to detail, creating a quality environment which both rewards employees and breeds
productivity – it is an uncluttered space with contemporary and bespoke furnishings, as well as spacious breakout areas, all flooded with natural light.

Samuele and Allanah have no regrets about relocating the business to Cornwall and strongly believe they’re in a better position because of it – They say they have found their perfect balance which accommodates fast growth, sustainable business practices and a brilliant lifestyle.

On the subject of growth, Samuele commented: “We have a clear goal – we would like to be rated as a top 100 agency in the UK within the next three years and the leading
company of our kind in the South West.

“As well as having this as a personal goal of the business, our ambitions also stretch further to help continue growing the wider technology sector in Cornwall and assisting in putting the Duchy on the map in this regard. As part of this Everest is launching a series of targeted one-on one digital workshops for local businesses which aims to establish what might be limiting some businesses in achieving digital success.”

Everest Media has been designed to offer its clients a full range of digital services so that they need not have to look elsewhere. This has necessitated a fast growing team so that it
has the required resources to substantiate this offering, with the capacity to accommodate clients both large and small. Together with its digital partner ethos that in principle ensures it has your best interests at heart makes for a compelling proposition.

It is also a great example of a technology business which has created a large number of high value, skilled jobs for Cornwall and helping the duchy get noticed both nationally and
internationally within this sector. Expect to hear more and more from this young business.


p: 01872 300780
a: Pool Innovation Centre, Redruth TR15 3PL