Innovation on Council agenda



Plans to invest in research and innovation, growing the Cornish language and the council’s financial performance are all on the agenda when Cornwall Council’s cabinet meets next week.

The creation of 155 jobs in the research, development and innovation sector through the investment of £1.2 million will lead the agenda at the meeting at New County Hall.

The money will be used to lever a further investment of £18.3 million from partners and will be used in four separate projects run by Falmouth University, the University of Exeter and Plymouth University.

Building a strong research and innovation sector within the Cornish economy is vital for improving our economic performance, and the investment is expected to support more than 300 small and medium sized businesses across Cornwall.

The Cornish Language Plan calls on the Government to help fund the expansion of the language.

The Council has already taken steps to promote the use of the language, including the creation of online dictionary resources, encouraging schools to teach Cornish, and providing translations for businesses.

The new plans will see the focus move onto developing the use of Cornish across Cornwall, and to address barriers to learning the language.

Councillor Bob Egerton said: “Cornish is a living language and we want to explore opportunities with new technology for small language apps, interest from universities and new uses by business, so Cornish not only has a history but a future.

“Kernewek is a vital part of Cornwall’s distinctiveness and Cornwall Council will do its best to make sure the language is not only treasured, but actively used today to ensure that it is passed on as a living language to the next generation.”

The cabinet will also be asked to review the authority’s financial performance figures for the past year, which show the Council underspent against budget by £1.2 million. The money saved will be transferred to the General Fund Reserve for future use.

Councillor Adam Paynter, leader of Cornwall Council, said: “This agenda reflects some of the key priorities we have as a council; sound financial management, careful investment to create jobs within a sustainable economy, and the protection and enhancement of our culture.”

The meeting will take place in the Trelawny Room at New County Hall on Wednesday, May 1, starting at 10am.

Cabinet meetings are open to members of the public, and can also be watched on the Council’s webcasts.


  1. Maintained are being squeezed, services are being reduced or even cut , council tax increased and what does our County council do with the £1.2 million underspend ? Save it .
    This beggars belief !!!

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