Cornwall presents Brexit hopes


Westminster MPs were in Cornwall yesterday, gathering evidence about the economic challenges and opportunities of Brexit for Cornwall.

The House of Commons cross-party Committee on Exiting the EU, chaired by former Shadow Foreign Secretary Hilary Benn MP, heard from a number of business and council leaders, including Cornwall Chamber chief executive, Kim Conchie, and LEP chairman, Mark Duddridge.

The hearings form part of the committee’s inquiry into the UK’s negotiating objectives for withdrawal from the EU and are part of a programme of visits to different parts of the UK that the committee is undertaking. The MPs want to gather a range of views about Brexit, what it means for different areas, and what our future relationship with the EU should look like.

“It has been a very worthwhile day,” said Council Leader, John Pollard afterwards. “Until they come to hear first hand they cannot understand how much we are doing or the special circumstances in Cornwall.”


  1. I hope they are doing better than was shown at the recent Cornwall Brexit Summit where the opportunities being opened up by Brexit for the all-important Cornish tourist industry were indentifed as:”Building on international links and reputation” and “welcoming tourists from beyond Europe”, for instance.
    In what way has membership of the EU stopped anyone in Cornwall from doing that for the last 40 years?

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