CPR taken over by CDC


CPR Regeneration (CPR), the company set up to return prosperity to the Camborne, Pool and Redruth area, has been merged into the Council’s economic development organisation.

CPR will now operate as a subsidiary of the Cornwall Development Company (CDC), while maintaining its focus on all urban regeneration programmes currently underway.

CDC chairman Martin Brooks said: “The integration of these two successful organisations enables us to bring together a wide range of skills and expertise to deliver economic development to the whole of Cornwall. We have ambitious plans for the transformation of the Cornish economy and this integration will strengthen our ability to deliver them.”


David Brewer, CPR Regeneration chairman, added: “CPR Regeneration has achieved much in the past seven years. This integration gives us the opportunity to ensure the learning and expertise gained from this work can benefit the whole of Cornwall without losing focus on the delivery of key economic development projects in the Camborne, Pool, Redruth area.

“The economic development and regeneration of the area can only be sustainable in the context of a prosperous Cornwall. This proposal will allow Cornwall to benefit from the lessons we have learned here, and bring in new ideas and expertise to help integrate the regeneration of this area into the wider economy of Cornwall.”

Carolyn Rule, Cornwall Council’s cabinet member for economy and regeneration and a board member of both CDC and CPR, said: “As a council we are always looking at how we can provide services in the most joined up and efficient way possible.

“Bringing together the skills and experience of both organisations enables us to maximise the opportunities available through Convergence at the same time as building the new, vibrant, low-carbon economy of the future.”