Clayworks has created and provided a wide range of interior wall finishes for The Museum of the Future in Dubai.

The museum has been dubbed “the most beautiful building in the world” by the emirate’s ruler and UAE vice president Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Designed to be “an architectural and cultural icon”, the seven-storey building contains a combination of exhibits dedicated to the future and workshops for testing and developing emerging technology.

The museum also preserves an ‘Archive of Species’ to promote protecting the remaining biodiversity in the world.

“Having had the opportunity to bring clay into the luxury realm has been an empowering creative challenge for us,” said Clayworks founder Adam Weismann.

“Clay has not long been desirable in high end design and we have been a leading part in challenging that conversation with creativity, commitment and innovation. Earthen building materials can be a vital tool in tackling the big challenges of our time and it is fantastic news for us, for natural building materials and for Cornwall that clay plasters have been used in the most futuristic building in the world.”