Feritech is growing rapidly, as we gear up to meet the many exciting challenges and opportunities in advanced engineering and offshore renewables worldwide.

Our new £3 million innovation centre near Falmouth will provide a fantastic state of the art workplace for our staff with all the equipment and facilities to unlock their full potential.

But the new physical environment is only one element of our vision for the workplace. It is our people who are the lifeblood of the company and we have a clear strategy for developing our team as well as attracting and retaining the best talent.

Our ethos is based on four pillars.

  1. Culture:  At Feritech, we have a vibrant culture. We are an entrepreneurial, global company with customers in over 40 countries and are operating at the cutting edge of innovation. This means we need to be agile, fast-moving and inventive. It goes without saying that this kind of fast-paced culture may not be the right fit for everyone. But for people who enjoy a dynamic environment, where initiative is recognised, it is a great place to be. We want to build on and develop our culture and we want our staff to thrive within it. As Peter Drucker said, ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast.’
  2. Flexibility: Flexible working practices are now commonplace across industries, having been accelerated by the pandemic. At Feritech, we have long since enabled flexible working and in fact, our offshore engineers have to be super flexible as they often work on projects overseas for long periods! For Cornwall based staff too, we will offer flexible working and find other ways of hybrid working so as to maximise productivity and enhance life-work balance for our teams. We recognise that this will be a vital factor in staff recruitment and retention in future and we want to lead the way in trialling new ways of working.
  3. Training: People development is at the core of our approach. As well as developing our team and providing pathways for career progression, we are committed to taking on apprentices and building their skills, providing young people with a route in to an exciting and lucrative career. Soft skills such as communication, emotional intelligence and a collaborative approach are important to us when we choose people to recruit. We can train people in the hard skills but it is the soft skills that can make all the difference to a successful team – especially in a fast moving environment such as ours.
  4. Upper quartile remuneration: We want our company to win contracts globally and to do that we need to have the very best people on our team. So we have a strategy to ensure that remuneration packages are within the upper quartile across our industry. This also reflects our belief that our top notch staff should feel appreciated and that rewards should be commensurate with their talents, so we retain staff for the long term.

Over the next 18 months, we aim to double the size of our workforce. So, there are immense opportunities for new people to join our team and help us seize the amazing opportunities in our industry worldwide.

To find out more about our current vacancies, visit www.feritech.com