Falmouth Harbour has revealed details of significant charge increases for leisure customers ahead of the 2022 season.

The increases will impact customers who use facilities including moorings, berths and boat parking.

Falmouth Harbour CEO, Miles Carden, says the increases – most of which have been limited to a maximum of 30% depending on the size of vessel – will rebalance historically low charges while keeping them “competitive, fair – and in many cases still less than market levels”.

It follows a thorough analysis of pricing policy for both commercial and leisure operations by the Harbour management team.

“No one likes price rises but we have had to accept that we cannot maintain, keep safe and grow this spectacular and vibrant sailing and commercial harbour if we continue to under-charge for services we have a statutory duty to provide,” said Carden.

“We are faced with considerable challenges of increasing costs which are unavoidable and cannot be delayed any further as the future of the Harbour depends on it.

“Falmouth Harbour is a Trust Port and its primary duty is to sustainably and safely manage the harbour – which benefits the local economy, the environment and our local stakeholder communities and customers.”

The price rises have been driven by increasing costs, market forces, price inflation and a continuing global economic instability caused by the pandemic. The increases will help Falmouth Harbour meet its statutory duties and the commitments to maintaining a thriving and safe harbour for the benefit of everyone.

After the initial rebalancing increases which come into effect for the 2022 season, Falmouth Harbour aims to maintain future charges at levels around the rate of inflation.