Spring manufacture is rarely glamorous. However, all that changed when European Springs and Pressings was invited to design a bottle top for arguably one of the most beautiful gins in the world.

Tinkture, a new Cornish drink manufacturer focused on delivering a “purer, clean element” to beverages, approached the Redruth company to create a signature bottle top.

The family firm, led by Hannah and Sam Lamiroy, developed what it says is a world first using the finest organic roses to create a rose gin which is now gracing the bars of some of the most exclusive drink establishments across the UK.

Director Hannah Lamiroy explained: “For a long time I’ve been really conscious of the food I eat, the ingredients I cook with and the best way to keep my body healthy – however I never really paid much attention to the provenance of my drinks on a night out. Until a couple of years ago. Once I really started looking for answers I just could not find what I was looking for, so my experiments began.”

Tinkture is the result, a personal journey, says Hannah, into the drinks that should always have been, featuring finest organic ingredients and all distilled by hand in copper pot stills at its distillery on the Cornish coast.

“We knew we had an incredible product and to complete this new approach to drink manufacture, wanted to ensure the packaging achieved exceptional results too and that’s when we discovered the team at European Springs & Pressings,” she added.

“They understood exactly what we were looking for, were dedicated to achieving everything we wanted and wonderfully, have produced a stunning bottle top that embodies our uniqueness.”

European Springs MD Michael Gibbs added: “Working with innovators like Tinkture is everything we love about engineering and manufacturing.

“To be part of their passion, to be part of a family so focused on achieving exceptional results, helping bring to market a new way of thinking about how we drink has been a true privilege. Our bottle top design seals an extraordinary journey that simply gets every element right from the clean, organic contents to the processing, right through to the reusable packaging, environmental refills and of course, the taste!”