Eco fuel Crowdfunder campaign


A Cornish manufacturer of dolls houses has launched a crowdfunder campaign to buy a machine that will turn wood waste into briquettes for domestic log burners.

Mark Wilcox owns a successful dolls house business in Liskeard which generates a lot of wood shavings and saw dust, which currently is sent to landfill.

The plan is to purchase a machine that will convert this waste into briquettes – an environmentally friendly eco source of fuel.

These briquettes will then be supplied free of charge to the local community.

Wilcox said: “Due to the manufacturing process we have a lot of wood waste which unfortunately goes to landfill which was proving to be expensive.

“Currently we have about 20 tonnes of pure saw dust and wood shavings stored at our workshop.  We have so much that we have had to bring in a shipping container for storage.”

For more details of the campaign on Crowdfunder UK and to pledge your support for this worthy cause, click here.