A Redruth photography studio has taken its investment levels to new heights.

Figolux’s latest bit of kit – a £10k portable PhotoRobot workstation – means it has spent more than £250k on new equipment since opening for business in 2015.

Director, Andrew McLean Brown, said: “The kit that we use day-to-day to produce our 360-degree imagery is fantastic for work within the studio, however it is not very mobile due to its size and weight.

“This means that we consistently rely on our clients to ship the products they would like photographed to us, which can prove challenging, especially in high volumes.

“Our new PhotoRobot Case will give us the freedom to produce 360-degree images away from the studio, on location at our customers’ sites.”

Working with clients across a number of different industry sectors, Figolux provides a wide range of photographic services in addition to its 360-degree photography.

“Through investment in emerging technologies and diversification in the markets we serve, the last two years has seen a real upward trend for the business,” McLean Brown added.