Cornwall to harness power of the sun


Plans to harness the south west’s above average 1,500 – 1,600 hours of annual sunshine are being realised this week with the launch of a solar powered electricity and water heating scheme.

Following significant investment in researching renewable energy technology, Cornish energy consultancy Enact Energy is bringing the most cost effective form of renewable energy technology to the Duchy.

According to Enact Energy MD Adrian Liddell, the move to offer solar electricity and solar water heating systems, respectively referred to in the industry as Solar Photovoltaics (PV) and Solar Thermal, exclusively in Cornwall was an easy decision to make. He remarked: “Since the Heat Project was established in Cornwall in 1996, we have grown to become a global energy consultancy, but we have always kept our feet firmly on the ground and stayed true to our Cornish roots.

“Our Camborne head office ensures we can provide continuous and growing employment to the local people, help to stabilise our local economy and ensure the residents of Cornwall benefit first and foremost from our innovations, hence the decision to offer the new Heat Project solar PV and solar thermal systems exclusively to the county first.”

Annually, Cornwall basks in above average solar energy, meaning the region is the optimal launch area for a solar PV and solar thermal scheme; further reason for the Heat Project’s regional focussed development into this fast evolving renewable resource and its related technologies.

According to statistics, solar thermal technology can provide 70% of your annual hot water and save around £170 per year, and solar PV technology can provide 50% of your annual electricity needs, saving you £200 per year. It can also provide the opportunity to earn around £600 per year due to the Government’s introduction of feed-in tariffs.