Happy Energy secures ECO funding


A Cornish energy efficiency company has launched a new insulation initiative aimed at slashing the fuel bills at some of Cornwall’s most hard-to-heat properties.

Happy Energy CEO Adrian Wright
Happy Energy CEO Adrian Wright

Thousands of homes in the former Penwith and Kerrier districts could now be eligible for a range of insulation improvements worth up to £15k, including loft and cavity wall insulation and solid wall insulation, after Happy Energy secured significant funding from energy companies under the Government’s Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) initiative.

According to Happy Energy CEO Adrian Wright, the ECO funding will help owners and renters access the insulation improvement grants, regardless of income, with the potential to cut heating bills by 50%.

He said: “Through the ECO initiative, we have been able to secure funding designed specifically to help properties in selected areas of Cornwall including Redruth, Pool, Camborne and Penzance. For these properties the insulation works could be carried out completely free.

“In addition to the cavity wall and loft insulation measures for these specific areas, the solid wall insulation grants are available for properties right across Cornwall.

“Homes heated with electric or coal could get these solid wall insulation works, which can cost as much as £15k, completely free.”

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