Finance house launches new site


A Cornwall finance house is promising a clear road to better motor funding with a new website aimed at making the purchase of a new car or commercial vehicle as simple as turning the key.

Truro-based Sterling Capital already has more than 30 years experience in the vehicle financing industry and it is now adding to its range of services with the launch of its new website that provides customers with the advice and information they need when buying a new or used vehicle, all at the touch of a button.

Heading the division is sales director Paul Caunter who has a wealth of experience in the motor financing industry. He said: “Car financing can sometimes be seen as a complex area and with Ignition Credit we are hoping to simplify the whole process as well as offering extremely competitive funding.”

He added: “We are here to help everyone from the local business needing a fleet of new vehicles for its staff to the rural doctor who needs a single vehicle in order to get out and about to visit his patients.”

Simplicity is at the heart of the new website with Ignition Credit at pains to make the financing process easy and understandable for both the corporate and consumer markets. Added to that is the company’s pledge to provide the best personal solution for its customers’ needs, maximising their spending while keeping repayments affordable and as stress free as possible with a range of products that include hire purchase, lease, contract hire and personal contract hire for the private individual.

Sterling Capital’s managing director Alan Tutte explained: “We have put a lot of time and effort into creating a dedicated motor finance division and Ignition Credit is something we are very proud of. As with all of our services we hope it will stand out to our customers not only because of its competitive rates but also because of the standard of service.”

“As a West Country firm, we are delighted to say that many of our customers come back and use out services time and time again. Building those personal relationships is of huge importance to us and the way we do that is by recommending the right finance package.”

He added: “While a lot of people are very sensibly watching their wallets at the moment, the fact is that for anyone looking to change their vehicle in the near future it is a great time to make a move. The car manufacturers are doing some fantastic deals to get the vehicles off the forecourt and we can add to that with some great finance rates.”

“Historically a lot of businesses paid cash for their staff cars but in times like these we can offer them the opportunity to keep the cash in the business and use asset financing instead.”