Padstow Christmas Festival cancelled


The Padstow Christmas Festival has been cancelled for the second successive year.

The event had been due to take place from December 2-5, but in view of current uncertainties surrounding Covid and the potential for future lockdowns, “with a heavy heart” organisers have taken the decision to cancel.

Tina Evans, chair of the organising committee, said: “We arrived at this decision after a lot of soul searching, fact-finding, and through conversations with our main partner Sharp’s Brewery, and all our many other supporters and colleagues.

“We have been advised that the autumn and winter could see a number of new pressures on public health, with the NHS facing the potential threats of new Covid-19 variants, the resurgence of flu and other respiratory illnesses, as well as ongoing Covid-19 infections.

“This could create the perfect storm and put enormous pressure on our NHS. In addition the Government has already said they will not rule out further restrictions which would mean events such as the festival would no longer be permitted.

“Anyone who lives in Padstow or in the surrounding area at the present time is experiencing an enormous influx of visitors to the area, which is under huge pressure. As we speak the Covid infection rate locally is rising, and businesses are opening and closing to adhere to the track and trace regulations, which is hugely disruptive and stressful.

“We feel that for us to add to that pressure by bringing thousands of people to Padstow at the beginning of winter would not be appropriate. As a volunteer run event we also have the health and wellbeing of our supporters to consider.

“We do hope you all understand as this has been a difficult decision and one we have not taken lightly. Our sincere hope, with all the right permissions and support, is that we can return, in partnership with Sharp’s Brewery, from 1st to 4th December 2022, better and stronger than ever, to provide Padstow with the high-class event it has come to expect.”