Young speakers at TEDxTruro


TEDxTruro will feature two inspirational young speakers this year, including the teenager who brought period poverty to the attention of thousands of people.

The event will take place at Truro & Penwith College’s Truro campus on October 27, with the theme ‘Beyond Barriers’.

Local schools were invited to put forward pupils to give a talk at TEDxTruro. The video entries were judged by the event’s speaker team and Bimini Love and Max Caddis, who both attend Truro School, were chosen to be part of the TEDxTruro 2017 programme.

Bimini Love is 15 and lives in Newquay. At the start of 2017 she hit the headlines with her ‘Street Cramps’ initiative, which aims to help homeless women in Cornwall by giving them free supplies of sanitary protection. Bimini will talk about the issue of period poverty at TEDxTruro and explain how one person can take action, which can help improve the lives of many.

Twelve-year-old Max Caddis will also be included in the TEDxTruro programme. Although there was only space for one young speaker to deliver a talk on the day, Max impressed the judges with his entry video about dyslexia so much that they have chosen to show the video at the event.

Max’s video will also complement a talk by award winning engineer Shawn Brown who is talking about neurodiversity and how we need to embrace this in education, so that we don’t lose out on the next generation of inventors and innovators.

Tracy Baker is the education liaison for TEDxTruro. She said: “Bimini and Max simply blew us away. I’m sure the audience at TEDxTruro will be as impressed as we were with them – they are inspirational and their energy and enthusiasm is infectious. Regardless of their age, what they have to say is worth hearing, and worthy of being part of the TEDxTruro line-up.”